kyoyamato restaurant

Kyoyamato, known as one of the finest Japanese Kaiseki Cuisine restaurants in Kyoto, was officially started from 1951.

The restaurant, originally constructed for a second house of Nishi-Honganji Temple, is located in the middle of "Special District for Preservation of Historical Buildings," where Higashiyama Great Temples, accredited as World Heritage by UNESCO, are surrounding around it.

The oldest room of the restaurant, "Souyou-tei", is established 360 years ago used as a Japanese tea room. Panorama from the room sometimes used as one of the best shots for typical Kyoto tourism postcard. If you visit there, you can enjoy splendid view of historical Kyoto City.

The restaurant, has 10 private rooms and 2-88 person capacity, offers various services for every customer with great care and hospitality. Each customer can enjoy lunch and dinner with a panorama of the city with the Yasaka Pagoda and a magnificent view of beautiful courtyard and pond inside the restaurant. In order to serve each customer with detailed service, we would like to have your reservation in advance.

We also have reasonable lunch courses in Kaiseki style, in addition to Shabu Shabu (thin slices of beef parboiled in hot soup) course from 4 persons.

Course Descriptions

Kaiseki Style(6-8 plates); ( and service chage, per a customer)
Mini Kaiseki Style; ( and service chage, per a customer)
Kaiseki Style(7-9plates); ( and service chage, per a customer)
Please inform your preference(vegitarian Etc.) we can arrange with your preferences.

[Room Charge]

To be used for maintenance of historical facilities, Suikokan Rooms(6-24 people) and Momiji Room(2-8 people), are required to pay room charge.

Suikokan Room: ¥30,000

Momiji Room: ¥15,000

These two rooms were built over hundreds of years ago and guests can enjoy panoramic view and large private garden.


All rooms can be arranged Table and Chair on tatami for your comfort.


Click on the map for details [In case you take a train]
From JR KYOTO station, take #206 bus and get off at HIGASHIYAMA-YASUI stop. It will take about 25 min. from the station. From there, it takes about 5 here on foot. From Hankyu SHIJYOU-KAWARAMACHI station, take #207 bus and get off at HIGASHIYAMA-YASUI stop. It will take about 10 min. from the station. From there, it takes about 5 min. to here on foot.
By taxi,it takes 15 minutes.
[In case you drive]
Get off at KYOTO SOUTH interchange from MEISHIN KOUSOKU Highway when you head for Kyoto from Osaka. Take R1 to the mid town of Kyoto city and turn to the right at TOJI-temple. Take GOJO DORI to get HIGSHIOJI DORI.Turn Left,( to the North) soon you see TORII(Japanese Shrine Entrance) on your right. Pass underthrough it and drive up a slope for a while, you will see our restaurant on your right side.